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Safety Rules

Safety is our absolute number one priority! LOTP goes above and beyond to ensure safe operation of our bounce houses, soft play equipment and ball pits to keep all participants out of harms way. Please review our required safety rules below.

There are inherent risks in the participation in or on any interactive device, or inflatable attraction, which every patron accepts by participation. It is the responsibility of the person or organization renting this inflatable equipment to ensure that all possible precautions are taken to prevent injury to people or damage to the inflatable unit. You, as the renter, agree that these rules and the necessity of following all of them is a material terms of this agreement. You, as the renter, agree to abide by the following.



  1. NO FLIPS OF ANY KIND! No somersaults, rough housing, or contact play allowed

  2. Ensure that the unit is not overcrowded and limit the number of participants according to age and size. Participants should be of similar age, size and stature

  3. Do not let children play in the inflatable unit without adult supervision. An adult must be present at all times to ensure safe operation of the unit

  4. No children under the age of 5 without parent supervision

  5. No pets or animals of any kind in the bounce house.

  6. Anyone with a current or previous medical condition that could be exacerbated by using the bounce house shall not enter or use the bounce house.

  7. No food, drink, or chewing gum in or on the bounce house! (To avoid choking risk

    and to help keep the unit clean as well as prevent damage)

  8. No shoes (socks encouraged)

  9. Participants must not sit or lie down while others are bouncing around them.

  10. No face paint, silly string, color poppers, etc. that could stain the unit

  11. No BBQs, campfires, heaters, heat/flame sources or flammable material within 50 feet of the inflatable unit

  12. Keep users off the unit when inflating and deflating

  13. No hanging or climbing on the walls

  14. No jewelry, glasses, or sharp objects of any kind allowed in bounce house

  15. Unit is to be shut down and deflated if winds exceed 15 miles per hour

  16. If (due to rain or other substance) the unit becomes slippery, no one is allowed to use the bounce house until it is completely dry

  17. Report all incidents and accidents immediately


1-on-1 review of safety rules with renter on the day of the event

Include renter in the final safety inspection post set-up

Provide a designated place for shoes, glasses, and pocket goods

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